ItemCode Description
HSAW14 Hole Saw 14.0mm (9/16)
HSAW16 Hole Saw 16.0mm (5/8)
HSAW17 Hole Saw 17.0mm (11/16)
HSAW19 Hole Saw 19.0mm (3/4)
HSAW20 Hole Saw 20.0mm
HSAW21 Hole Saw 21.0mm (13/16)
HSAW22 Hole Saw 22.0mm (7/8)
HSAW24 Hole Saw 24.0mm (15/16)
HSAW25 Hole Saw 25.0mm (1)
HSAW27 Hole Saw 27.0mm (1-1/16)
HSAW29 Hole Saw 29.0mm (1-1/8)
HSAW30 Hole Saw 30.0mm (1-3/16)
HSAW32 Hole Saw 32.0mm (1-1/4)
HSAW33 Hole Saw 33.0mm
HSAW35 Hole Saw 35.0mm (1-3/8)
HSAW37 Hole Saw 37.0mm (1-7/16)
HSAW38 Hole Saw 38.0mm (1-1/2)
HSAW40 Hole Saw 40.0mm (1-9/16)
HSAW41 Hole Saw 41.0mm (1-5/8)
HSAW43 Hole Saw 43.0mm (1-11/16)
HSAW44 Hole Saw 44.0mm (1-3/4)
HSAW45 Hole Saw 45.0mm
HSAW46 Hole Saw 46.0mm (1-13/16)
HSAW48 Hole Saw 48.0mm (1-7/8)
HSAW50 Hole Saw 50.0mm
HSAW51 Hole Saw 51.0mm (2)
HSAW52 Hole Saw 52.0mm (2-1/16)
HSAW54 Hole Saw 54.0mm (2-1/8)
HSAW55 Hole Saw 55.0mm
HSAW57 Hole Saw 57.0mm (2-1/4)
HSAW59 Hole Saw 59.0mm (2-5/16)
HSAW60 Hole Saw 60.0mm (2-3/8)
HSAW64 Hole Saw 64.0mm (2-1/2)
HSAW65 Hole Saw 65.0mm (2-9/16)
HSAW67 Hole Saw 67.0mm (2-5/8)
HSAW70 Hole Saw 70.0mm (2-3/4)
HSAW73 Hole Saw 73.0mm (2-7/8)
HSAW75 Hole Saw 75.0mm
HSAW76 Hole Saw 76.0mm (3)
HSAW79 Hole Saw 79.0mm (3-1/8)
HSAW83 Hole Saw 83.0mm (3-1/4)
HSAW86 Hole Saw 86.0mm (3-3/8)
HSAW89 Hole Saw 89.0mm (3-1/2)
HSAW92 Hole Saw 92.0mm (3-5/8)
HSAW95 Hole Saw 95.0mm (3-3/4)
HSAW98 Hole Saw 98.0mm (3-7/8)
HSAW100 Hole Saw 100mm
HSAW102 Hole Saw 102mm (4)
HSAW105 Hole Saw 105mm (4-1/8)
HSAW108 Hole Saw 108mm (4-1/4)
HSAW111 Hole Saw 111mm (4-3/8)
HSAW114 Hole Saw 114mm (4-1/2)
HSAW121 Hole Saw 121mm (4-3/4)
HSAW127 Hole Saw 127mm (5)
HSAW140 Hole Saw 140mm (5-1/2)
HSAW146 Hole Saw 146mm (5-3/4)
HSAW152 Hole Saw 152mm (6)
ItemCode Description
HSAWKIT-QC Hole Saw Kit - Quick Change
ItemCode Description
HSAWKIT-ELEC Hole Saw Kit - Elec 8 x HSaws, 3 x Spade Bits, 2 x Mandrels
ItemCode Description
HSAWSM16 Hole Saw 16mm Thin Sheetmetal
HSAWSM19 Hole Saw 19mm Thin Sheetmetal
HSAWSM20 Hole Saw 20mm Thin Sheetmetal
HSAWSM22 Hole Saw 22mm Thin Sheetmetal
HSAWSM25 Hole Saw 25mm Thin Sheetmetal
HSAWSM27 Hole Saw 27mm Thin Sheetmetal
HSAWSM29 Hole Saw 29mm Thin Sheetmetal
HSAWSM30 Hole Saw 30mm Thin Sheetmetal
HSAWSM32 Hole Saw 32mm Thin Sheetmetal
HSAWSM35 Hole Saw 35mm Thin Sheetmetal
HSAWSM38 Hole Saw 38mm Thin Sheetmetal
ItemCode Description
HSAWDLC72 H/Saw Down Light Cutter 72mm
HSAWDLC75 H/Saw Down Light Cutter 75mm
HSAWDLC89 H/Saw Down Light Cutter 89mm
HSAWDLC92 H/Saw Down Light Cutter 92mm
HSAWDLC95 H/Saw Down Light Cutter 95mm
ItemCode Description
MAN1430HEXCT Mandrel 14-30mm 11/32 Carbide
MAN1430RND Mandrel 14-30mm 1/4 Round
MAN1430SDS Mandrel 14-30mm SDS Plus Shank TBD
MAN1430HEX11/32 Mandrel 14-30mm 11/32 Hex Shk
MAN32152HEX1132 Mandrel 32-152mm 11/32 Hex Sh
MAN32152HEX7/16 Mandrel 32-152mm 7/16 Hex Shk
MAN32152HEXCT Mandrel 32-152mm 11/32Carbide
MAN3251HEX Mandrel 32-51mm 7/16 Hex Shnk
ItemCode Description
PILOTB1 Pilot Bit - 89mm Length
PILOTB3 Pilot Bit - 114mm Length


ItemCode Description
HSAWDLC-DUST Downlight Cutter Dust Bowl
ItemCode Description
HOLEP12.7 Screw Hole Punch 12.7
HOLEP16 Screw Hole Punch 16
HOLEP19 Screw Hole Punch 19
HOLEP20 Screw Hole Punch 20
HOLEP22 Screw Hole Punch 22
HOLEP22.5 Screw Hole Punch 22.5
HOLEP25 Screw Hole Punch 25
HOLEP25.4 Screw Hole Punch 25.4
HOLEP28.3 Screw Hole Punch 28.3
HOLEP30 Screw Hole Punch 30
HOLEP32 Screw Hole Punch 32
HOLEP32.5 Screw Hole Punch 32.5
HOLEP35 Screw Hole Punch 35
HOLEP38 Screw Hole Punch 38
HOLEP40 Screw Hole Punch 40
HOLEP45 Screw Hole Punch 45
HOLEP48 Screw Hole Punch 48
HOLEP50 Screw Hole Punch 50
HOLEP51 Screw Hole Punch 51
ItemCode Description
SB6 Spade Bit 6mm (1/4) HCS
SB8 Spade Bit 8mm (5/16) HCS
SB10 Spade Bit 10mm (3/8) HCS
SB11 Spade Bit 11mm (7/16) HCS
SB12 Spade Bit 12mm HCS
SB13 Spade Bit 13mm (1/2) HCS
SB14 Spade Bit 14mm (9/16) HCS
SB16 Spade Bit 16mm (5/8) HCS
SB18 Spade Bit 18mm (11/16) HCS
SB19 Spade Bit 19mm (3/4) HCS
SB20 Spade Bit 20mm (13/16) HCS
SB22 Spade Bit 22mm (7/8) HCS
SB24 Spade Bit 24mm (15/16) HCS
SB25 Spade Bit 25mm (1) HCS
SB28 Spade Bit 28mm (1-1/8) HCS
SB30 Spade Bit 30mm HCS
SB32 Spade Bit 32mm (1-1/4) HCS
SB35 Spade Bit 35mm (1-3/8) HCS
SB38 Spade Bit 38mm (1-1/2) HCS

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